Swept Away (SOLD)

A Blue and Red Painting with Oceanic Influences

Size and Medium

Medium: Mixed media on Mirror

Dimensions: 30cm x 30cm

A Hypnotic Display of Blues and Reds

Swept away is a painting which forms part of a series of 8 paintings. This is the first series I have created and have enjoyed this immensely. The painting was created with mixed media which had to be created in a frenzy and total concentration as were all the others as there is a limited time before the colours stop blending and moving. I love working spontaneously as I am totally immersed in all the work I do. My work is filled with emotion and swept away was created using a limited palette of colours which were blended to give movement I wanted to convey. I love to use colour and create movement in each piece as nothing stands still.

The Brush Stokes in this Painting will Captivate your Imagination

Swept Away measures 30cm x 30 created using mixed media on glass. This painting is 1 of 8 pieces that are now framed and need uploading.