“Sonia produced a lovely perspex piece of artwork (Kites) for my living room which sits proudly above the fireplace. The vivid colours are amazing, especially when the sun reflects through the perspex. Every request was dealt with in a professional manner and I would highly recommend Sonia to anyone looking for that extra special piece of art to brighten up any room at a reasonable cost”.

James Perkins

“Glad to have found you, love your works, free full of color! The photographs are especially fun too. I really like the “Goat Bridge”

Deborah Peters (Artist)

“The more I look at your art, the more I like it. Your use of colour is stunning! Nice one Sonia!

Kevin Parrish (Artist)

“Love Your work;the photos are great”-good creative body of work”

Carlos Tito Tarrago (Artist)

“Your abstract work has a great vibrancy about it, very engaging!”

Rob Binfield (Artist and Creative Director)

“I have looked at your work on the website and am very impressed by its range and professionalism. I had no idea that your work was so truly professional and you had such skill!”

David M Phillips (Art Historian)

“Sonia, Your work is fantastic. It has such vitality and soul. Truly inspirational”

Karen Ford (Artist)

“I think you have real talent which comes from your inner beauty as a person. I think this comes so strongly through your art. In particular I loved the Autumn Leaves and some of the other local sites i.e. Jephson Gardens). I didn’t realise that I had such a talented friend with such an equally talented mother”

Catherine Prentice

“Your work is great. I have it on file should something suitable crop up. Your work would bring colour to a garden on the darkest of January days.

Sally Hopkinson (Garden Designer)

“Your spiritual abstracts have that sense of either energy and vigour, or conversely soothing and gentleness.  I enjoyed looking at them.

Martin Vaughan