Mediterranean Dreams

A bright and dramatic painting with an orange and green temperament

Size and Medium

Medium: Mixed media on a box canvas

Dimensions: 52cm x 42cm

Mediterranean Style Artwork

Mediterranean Dreams is a vibrant, colourful painting which embodies all the beauty and colour of the Med. The moment you arrive in the Med the colours hit the eye and heart as you delight in all around you. The lush lemon trees and olive groves. The rich blues of the skies and the greeny blue tones of the warm sea. The hot sun and terracotta roofed houses and villas. The colourful markets selling wonderful produce.

A Painting with Rich and Vibrant Stokes

The pretty tree lined houses with colourful pots adorning them. The rich colours of the food. Fiestas filled with colour and movement with happy people dressed in their colourful native costumes to the exciting music. I like to create the mood and the emotions I felt whilst on holiday and recreate them with a vibrant palette of colour!