Kites (Commission)

Red, Black and White Colours were used to create a feel of Movement and recreate Childhood Memories

Size and Medium

Medium: Mixed Media on Perspex

Dimensions: 50cm x 100cm

Red Kites Soaring freely across the skies

My Client wanted me to use Red, Black and White in the painting on Perspex as he loved my "Homage to Miro". As a child he had a red kite, so it was a little nostalgic for him too.

It was important for me to create as much movement as possible in this painting. I used black for strong movement and white to represent the wind and motion.

Twists and Turns in the Sky

As my dot paintings are a signature of mine too, I decided to add them during the painting. It was a fun painting for me to undertake.

I love this colour combination!