Colour Burst (SOLD)

An Explosion of Colour

Size and Medium

Medium: Mixed Media on Perspex

Dimensions: 55cm x 75cm

A Vibrant Pallette with Striking Colours

Colour Burst is the only way to express this painting! As my works are all about emotions I wanted to express that feeling which can be exactly explained in that familiar saying - "I am so happy that I could burst".
To me that says it all!

l find art such a wonderful way of expressing emotions.

Bright and Colourful Paints

I used a variety of brightly coloured paints as when I am happy I tend to use more vibrant colours.

Colour Burst had to have the vibrancy to relay my emotions. I used various mixed media to create this piece. I started in the centre and worked outwards with the brush strokes so that it would create an explosion of colour.

As with all my perspex paintings, standoffs are supplied to fix them to the wall.