My New Website

I am delighted to have my own blog and would like to share my opinions about my art and art in general.

I am currently exhibiting 3 of my photographs at The East Lodge, Jephson Gardens, Leamington Spa. The Lodge provides a beautiful exhibition space for Leamington Studio Artists, set in the lovely Jephson Gardens. The Photography and Digital Image Open Exhibition runs from 8 February until 5 March. Well worth a visit if you are in the area!

The first photograph comes from my spiritual collection, You may ask why spiritual? All my art including most photographs are about my innermost feelings and emotions and I try to convey them the best I can via art and photography.

Healing Hands -if you look closely at it on the Photography section it looks like a pair of hands are gently placed at the top of the sphere representing the world. Beneath the sphere there appears to be a single hand holding and lifting it. To the left are a pair of hands which look as though they are healing. You may not agree with me but that’s okay. You may agree that world does need a lot of healing at this time. Art is meant to question the onlooker. I love how everyone sees something different in my photos and paintings. I perform Reiki and I Reiki each piece before I start work. It helps me to feel centred and more confident to start work on a new piece.

Bird of Peace -is quite obvious to read. In the background is the Boatyard at St. Nicholas Park in Warwick, and it wasn’t until I got to my computer that I realised I managed to capture a bird perfectly in the centre of the photo. The photo was taken adjacent Warwick Castle on what I can only describe as a magical day when nature dressed the trees in a beautiful white frosting. I remember lots of people taking photos on the bridge of the castle, breaking all traffic rules to take photos of the castle with the spectacular haw frost.

The Alchemist -shows the outline of a figure surrounded by gold and black and conjures up the amazing ritual of turning ordinary metal into gold. Eerie and spectacular!

You may wonder how I conjure up my spiritual photographs. I do NOT use Photoshop to add different layers etc. I do use it to sharpen or soften images but that is all. I create the emotion I wish to convey by using different types of materials and it may take up to 100 shots to accomplish it.

I hope that you enjoyed my first blog and please feel free to ask questions and get involved with the blog. I welcome your input with gratitude.