Midlands Based Contemporary & Modern Artist

Specialising in Abstract & Contemporary Paintings

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Latest Paintings

My Approach to Art

Artwork Inspired by Nature

A great deal of my artwork is inspired by the natural beauty I notice in the world around me. Nature artwork is there for us all to see through the captivating colours, shapes and sounds that exist all around us. I draw energy from these and let them influence the movements and relationships you see in my paintings.

Fine Detail

I take great pride in the intensity of detail that I work into my paintings. I like to think that when you look at one of my paintings, you may see something entirely different to what you experienced previously. I like to create a granular level of detail through the use of vivid tones and dramatic brush strokes.

Spiritual Artwork

As a spiritual artist I truly believe that the power of the universe can be used as a creative outlet. I use the flow of energies and emotions that are all around us as an inspiration for my artwork. To me spiritual artwork should represent our values and that is a mark I aim to leave on every one of my paintings.

A Bit About Me...

Midlands Based Artist

Based in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire you will often find my work in local galleries and exhibitions. From time to time you may find my artwork on display in London art galleries such as ...

My Artistic Influences

My mother has been my greatest artistic influence as she is also an figurative artist and I grew up watching her paint in different mediums, and that encouraged me to go to art class and try different styles of painting and drawing.


If you would like to have one of my paintings on the wall in your home then please get in touch. I have created artwork for many happy clients and any will be happy to offer you a reference. Get in touch with me today and we can discuss your art commission.