Telepathy (SOLD)

This Painting Won the People's Choice Award in March 2014

Size and Medium

Medium: Mixed media on black, shiny perspex

Dimensions: 50cm x 120 cm

Telepathic Energies

Telepathy was the first large perspex painting that I worked on! As always, it is important for me to think about the materials as well as the colour palette to create the emotion I intend to convey. I used black perspex to represent the unseen world around us and then used a mixture of paints and inks to create a moving line through the centre creating "telepathic energies". The splashes added movement and an energy to the painting.


Vibes - feelings, energy are always portrayed by me in colour and movement!

As with all of my perspex paintings they come complete with stainless steel standoffs to the attach the painting to the wall.