A Rich and Emotional Painting With Intense Purple Tones

Size and Medium

Medium: Mixed media on canvas

Dimensions: 300mm x 500mm

With it's Deep Blues and Purples, this Painting Captures the Mysteriousness of the Universe

Protection is a painting that reveals the mind's eye. Looking beyond oneself and thinking almost meditatively at the invisible world that surrounds us and being made aware of the negative energies that are around. I used a mixed palette of colour to symbolise a galaxy and the white protective lights shining but more importantly dragon energy fiercely guarding the aura against negativity.

3D Effects

It is one of my favourite paintings of all time. I enjoyed working with different media to create an almost 3D aspect to the painting. It is important for me to convey onto a painting as much as I possibly can. That is why all my artwork is a one off and can not possibly be replicated.