Coloured Rain

Vibrant Drip Painting Creating a lovely Piece of Garden Art

Size and Medium

Medium: Mixed Media on Perspex


Art to Brighten up the Garden on the Dullest of Days!

First Attempt to use Perspex in the garden was the start of a new love affair for me with Perspex. It's versatility impressed me. Coloured Rain was created by using soft and bright colours that you would expect to see in the garden. The vibrant colours of flowers blooming. The bright yellow of the sun shining and of course the blue skies.

I adore nature and I delight in seeing new buds appearing in spring and the season is of renewal.

Colours of Nature Intensify in the Rain. The sights and smells after a downpour after a hot day.....

I decided to leave some areas clear of paint so that I could see the fence behind through it and also because much needed water is clear too!

I chose to allow paints to drip down the panel and delighted as they merged and seemed to create a life of their own!!!